Prized collections?

30 Mar

Just a quick reminiscence about on of my (many, many) obscure eBay purchases from years back…

Vampire Blood Bank: The Saga of a Jewish Hemophiliac Vampire Who Can’t Bite So He Opens a Vampire Bood Bank by Harry Zelenko.

Great title, right?  Shame the shrink-wrap hasn’t even been cracked.  Why haven’t I read it?  I have heaps of books that I haven’t read yet, even for years and years.  Generally, if I don’t read a book within a week of buying it, I may never get around to it.  I will read my favorite authors within minutes of purchase sometimes, but when I order online, occasionally by the time the books arrive, I’ve lost interest.  Pathetic.

Another great title, and this one I’ve read:

Fat White Vampire Blues by Andrew Fox.  Fantastic fun, and I will never, ever forget the sequel Bride of the Fat White Vampire when Jules loses a rat.  A very important rat.  Hmmm, perhaps it’s time to see what he’s done lately.

(Jeez, yes, let’s go buy more books with no money and no time to read them!)  I always say that I think I like to buy books almost more than I like to read them.

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