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Haven’t done any writing in ages, though I’ve done a few notes for research purposes and blog posts.  I feel guilty about that and punish myself by not writing more.  It’s a dreadful circle.  I’ve always said that it was never a lack of inspiration, but of dedication.  Everything is in my head somewhere, but I lack the discipline to get it out.  I suppose this is why I like NaNoWriMo so much.  I don’t have time to whine, complain, or second-guess anything.  It’s a crazy month and I would drop dead of exhaustion if every month were November, but I love what it does to me as well.  It wakes me up.  Which is excellent, because I’ve been sleeping like the dead lately.

I wrote a brief story in my journal a while back about waking from such a hard, absolute unconsciousness.  Instead, though, I was actually waking from the dead and contemplated devouring my friendly, far-too-energetic neighbor.  Maybe there have just been too many zombies in my life lately, though “lately” is a relative term that is also incorrect.

Also, our store received our copies of Pat the Zombie a couple weeks ago, on a day I was off.  One of my amused co-workers thought it was funny to leave it on display on our main desk.  There were a number of customers who were not as amused.  Shame.  I was as taken with it as I was taken with the authors’ book trailer on their website.

I’ve been trying to catch up on some of my reading.  I’m working through Rachel Caine’s Unseen.  I’m behind on things that came out in February, it seems.  Yes, I suppose I have read other things, but I should be done with Patricia Briggs’ River Marked from March, and several intriguing-looking new authors I haven’t even bought yet.  Perhaps I’m in a funk because Jim Butcher‘s new Harry Dresden isn’t out until July.  Gah, the END of July.  My spring of book releases is thrown out of alignment.

I did put down the Rachel Caine for the new Charlaine Harris’ Dead Reckoning, which shouldn’t reflect on Ms. Caine at all.  I only started reading it a day or two before Sookie Stackhouse was released, and there are few books I would not put aside for her.  There is only one author I would put aside Charlaine Harris for, and that would be Laurell K. Hamilton, (Anita Blake series, in particular), thought it would be a tough fight.  I would sob at not being able to read both simultaneously if they so tragically were released on the same day.  The very thought is a mess of bliss and torture.

I have taken note of a few things, one of which is even sitting on my TBR shelf.  I am not overtly a steampunk fan, but I do often view the arts and crafts coming from the steampunk world as gorgeous and fascinating.  However, the books of Gail Carriger are so cleverly written, I find myself sucked into the concept more and more.  It’s amusing, and, a bit like pirates, dramatic and over-the-top.  So when I saw Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurences Novel, I couldn’t resist buying it.  I may regret it.  Some steampunk has a bit too much steam for my tastes, much like some science fiction has too much science.  I like the adventure, but don’t really care about the technological details.

Just searching for this last one may make an entire steampunk post possible.  There are quite a few books coming out this year, from craft books to fiction, to anthologies of steampunk romance and erotica.  The one I was looking for, however, was The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange LIterature.  Lovely book.  Showed many, many photos of art I’ve seen online and art I haven’t seen the like anywhere.

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