Goodreads and book haul jealousy

18 Jul

The other day I joined Goodreads.

Now, you may wonder why on earth someone who has such an unnatural lust for books would take so long to join something like Goodreads.  Or you may not have any clue what that is.  Either is fine.

I suspect I may have joined up once when it first came around, but let it lapse after one or two logins simply because I’m not especially good at reporting what I do.  At work a few years ago we had to write out what we did all day, every day.  I think they were supposed to help us manage our time but, really, all they did was waste the time we had to spend making crap up at the end of every week just before we handed them in.

Probably why I blog so sporadically, too.  Sorry.

Anyway, I think I did it this time just because I had watched one of those book haul vlogs by Daniel Marks, an author I love when he writes under Mark Henry.  (I was a bit surprised when I Googled Mark Henry just now. heh.)  I don’t frequent youtube, though I do have a few subscriptions I watch when they email them to me, so while I’d heard of the book haul vlog, I’d never watched one.

I was supremely jealous.

I have an e-reader and I love it.  I especially love getting to pick and choose my advance copies through a website because I work at a bookstore.  I feel like I have a never-ending supply of books at my fingertips.  I love the instant gratification of not having to get out of bed and ordering a new book and having it there in seconds.  But I miss the feeling of shopping in a bookstore and coming home with a big bag of books.  I don’t miss not having enough space for them, but I miss having enough physical books to fill the library in the house I’m never going to own.

I also miss discovering things in the bookstore.  Working at one is great and you get to see all the new stuff as you put it out.  However, when it was a treat and every discovery was special, well, that was a different time.

So, anyway, that is why I joined Goodreads.  I wanted to have a way to say, hey, these are my books, these are the books in the library of my brain.

Also because I wanted to gloat that I’m reading the advance of This Book Is Full of Spiders: (Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It, and goddamn does it have a lot of spiders in it.  It’s the sequel to John Dies at the End by David Wong and has one of the best titles I’ve seen in about 47 months.  If I had known what these books were like, I would have read the first one ages ago.  (As it is, I’ll have to go back and read it since I haven’t yet. Which is also a problem with ARCs, since I’m finding I have to go back and buy the first one when the second or third is really good, and then I spend more money I don’t have.)

So now, Goodreads, I’ll have to find a way to keep up!

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