A Weekend Mostly Well Spent

19 Aug

This weekend I have a three-day weekend.  I needed to use up a personal day before the end of the month, so I scheduled some down time.  Now, I never plan for my down time to actually be down time.  Vacations, weekends, even regular days off sometimes, I expect myself to write and make some progress.

Of course, then I feel guilty because I rarely do much more than watch Shark Week.

(huge, whiney segment deleted here)

This weekend, however, I have gotten something accomplished.  While it may not have been precisely what I wanted done so far, it was definitely time spent on work ending in a finished product.  I made my next ebook cover.

I decided I wanted to publish my story Anniversary Gift in an ebook short story collection.  I’ve been toying with the idea since late June, I think.  I have put the story itself up on, and it ended up being quite highly rated, which I was very proud of.  (Though the ratings have been drooping into the 4.6 something range, when it took a long time for it to drop below 4.7 *sulk*)

When I had originally written the story, I had started a continuation, but never made it more than a few paragraphs down the line before dropping it.  Somehow, this summer, I pulled a whole other Elise story out of my head.  I’m honestly not really sure where it came from or how it ended up a completely written story.  “Cowpoke,” for instance, I wrote in an hour or two after dreaming most of it during a nap.  This one, I just haven’t the foggiest when I actually sat down and wrote the bulk of the pages.  It’s less than six weeks old, and I’ve entirely forgotten its creation.

Poor baby.

Memory problems aside, I really like how the story turned out.  I’ve considered cutting out or replacing a scene in the middle, and I might yet do that, but I’ve turned most of my attention onto the third story that will be in the collection.  As I’ve said before, I have a story I ripped apart so much that I basically lost interest in putting it back together.  I have the abandoned sequel fragment.  I have a few other stories that might be closer to finished but they don’t really fit the theme of the collection.  I don’t want to go with just two stories, one of which is already published (and will go first in the collection as the free sample section).

So what I really wanted to accomplish this weekend was to pound out the third story.  I did some editing and I created a cover (with a photo I’ve been coveting on for weeks now).  I sat down in the craft room with the computer and worked, and that was good.  But I still feel guilty.  And stressed about money.  And I’m hoping to get this out of the way so that I can edit that novel sitting there in its binder on the floor.


Or I could work on that bizarre sci-fi erotica story I made the cover for a few weeks ago just out of ridiculous delight for the idea.  If that ever makes it to the public, I can only imagine the very WTF reviews that would get.  Perhaps I’ve been unduly influenced by Cecilia Tan.  She edits these fantastic anthologies of fantasy and sci-fi erotica.  I’ve read the most intriguing stories in some of these works, and back when I first started writing smutty stories, I hoped one day to publish with her and Circlet Press.  They’re still around, but I suppose I’ve bypassed that point in my life, both the aspiration towards the subject and the need for a publisher’s approval.

Still, maybe I should rekindle some of that long-forgotten hope.  It would definitely be cool to feel like a chosen one.

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