Take a short trip to a place called Done

20 Aug

When I started up my MS Word Starter today, that was the message in the little ad box in the corner.  I thought it was wonderfully appropriate.  Done, done with one thing and on to another.  Done, a place I so rarely visit.  I have a great ability to start things, but rarely to finish.

That’s been some of what this summer has been about.  Getting things done.  Getting work on Smashwords represented getting something done.  I wrote a blog post last night and then afterwards, wrote several pages in my notebook about that weird story I made a cover for a few weeks back and never jotted down a word.  It may be mainly brainstorming and writing down whatever popped into my head regardless of cohesion, but it’s more than was ever there before.  And I find it much easier to work on something when I’ve already started it.  A whole new story, starting from scratch?  It happens, but it’s much easier to pull something out, polish it, and call it done.

This afternoon, I wrote for a while, then typed a terribly trite few paragraphs about the rain as it poured down.  It didn’t matter if it was awful.  Writing begets writing.  I realize that what I do is drown out the thoughts I have when I should be writing them down instead.  Sometimes it can’t be helped: I’m working, I have to sleep, I have to fold the laundry before it’s a wrinkled mess.  But all to often, I play a game on the computer when I could be writing on the computer, and the addictive little music just seeps into my brain and drowns out every other thought.  Good enough for settling down to sleep, but awful for the massive time-waste it is.

I hope to have a new trio of stories up on Smashwords by the weekend.  I found a section of story I’d toyed with ages ago, and after the work this afternoon, it’s getting ready to go.  It’s not done yet, but it shouldn’t take too long.  It was in my files labeled “chapter” and I opened it, forgetting what it was a chapter of.  I had conceived of an erotic novel between Teague and Lauren, had a snappy title (which I swear I wrote down somewhere and cannot find and cannot remember), and even an alternate ending for those who prefer a little romance to their porn.  I had a few strong scenes in mind, characters I liked, but never went much farther than that.

I think this story had arrived at a point in my life where I had given up.  I still wrote, but I didn’t have much hope of ever publishing anything, not really.  This was before NaNoWriMo and well before Smashwords.  This was when I read a lot of what I wanted to write, but didn’t have any focus.  I lamented a lot about it to online friends and sometimes shared things in a minor way, but I was directionless.

I have more direction now, and somewhere to end up.  That place called Done.  It’s not an easy road, and probably not a fiscally responsible road, but it’s my road.

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