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31 Aug

I’m having sleeping issues.

I’m a night person.  I will admit to that.  I like the quiet of everything around me, the totally free feeling of being the only person awake (alive), and I love to sleep in the morning sun like a cat.

Lately, however, I’ve been worse than usual.  Nearly every night for the last two weeks, I’ve been awake until about three in the morning.  A couple days, I went to sleep early, at one or two.  Keep in mind that a few of those days, I had to get up at 5:30 AM for work.  Well, okay, my alarm starts going off at 5, and then by 5:45, I finally drag myself into an upright position.  Geez, that’s after six alarms on a nine minute snooze.

Sorry for the math there.  The division there startled me.

Anyway, the problem isn’t so much that I’ve been staying up so late, even when I have to get up early, or that I have been getting up around ten or eleven on days I don’t have to be up early.  No, my weird problem is that I haven’t been napping.

Now, I don’t nap like a normal person. Twenty minutes?  Why bother?  An hour?  Just getting started.  Two hours?  If I only needed two hours of sleep, I wouldn’t be napping in the first place.  No, for me, napping is often a six-hour affair that takes up the entirety of an evening, probably from five until eleven at night.  Then I get up for a while, and probably crash again at three.  It generally takes place when I have a few 7 AM shifts in a row and I have to sleep when I’m able or I’ll be trying to function with fifteen hours of sleep spread over about five days.

And I generally don’t have much of a choice about whether I nap or not on those days.  I will fully pass out if I don’t go to bed.  I’ll be idly sitting in my chair and suddenly it’s dark outside.

But not lately.

Today, for instance, I worked 7-2, and thought, what a lovely day to go home and stretch out in bed and take a nice luxurious, relaxing, rejuvenating nap.  I thought about my bed and the comfy pillows and my uber-soft fleecy blanket.  I thought about how all the soreness would just ease away, melt right into the mattress.  And how I really didn’t have anything else I needed to do so desperately that I couldn’t blow off the rest of the day.

Well, except that while I was out, I should go to the fabric store.  There has been a particular idea I’ve been toying with for a gift and I hadn’t yet found the perfect fabric for it.  So I walked through the remnants and the clearance aisles, and spent about five dollars on a piece of fabric, three cameo and cabochon pendants, and a flower sprig.  The clearance gods were kind to me today.

And also while I was out, I was craving (American) Chinese food.  I might as well stop by and pick up supper, some nice cashew chicken which I crave like it’s the last chicken on earth.  And the crab rangoon were so perky.  So I got some takeout and watched a show on the dvr.


Nah, I should try out the things I got from the craft store, see how they look.  I’ll just toy a few minutes.

Six pm rolls around and I’ve sewn a pillow and have another half-finished craft project on the table.  I go to the bedroom then, because I can only sit in a chair for so long before my back tightens up.  Play on the computer for two hours without a yawn, drowning out the Taylor Swift stuck in my head from work (she’s okay, but I don’t deliberately listen to her) with Norah Jones’ song Miriam (three repeats) before letting itunes move on to Offspring, Prince, Puddle of Mudd, and the Raconteurs.

And after a bunch of wasted time, hoping to feel like taking a nap, it is now nearly 11:30, and I’m not in the least bit tired.  I might as well have been sleeping, though I did craft some, but the rest of it was spent watching television and playing games.  Not writing or editing with the seven-plus hours I’ve been graced with alertness. Bah.

I’m sure dragging myself out of bed when the alarm goes off tomorrow will be utter alcohol-free hangover-time.

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