NaNoWriMo Day 1, yet again…

01 Nov

November first, day one of National Novel Writing Month, 2012.  It’s about 45 minutes after midnight as I start this post.  I haven’t started writing anything else, though.  Forty-five minutes, I could have three or four pages done if I knew what I wanted to write.

I had assumed I would write the story I didn’t work on last year, since it’s been plagued with procrastination and false starts since last November, but it hasn’t been very loud in my head lately.  Of course not.  I should put my zombie playlist on repeat for the month.  That might help.  It’s full of Ludo and Kidney Thieves and Cranberries.  I have lots of notes for this one (and I’m a planner, not a pantser, as long-since proven).

I could work on a trashy romance novel I’ve been toying with in my head for ages.  That one, I could publish under my Kelouisa name and actually have a book out there.  Am I totally in the mood to write trashy things?  Maybe.  I have an idea of what I want to happen, scenes in my mind, and I generally come up with things on the fly, change things around as phrasing comes out differently than expected.  It could work.

I could say the hell with it, do a Sherlock fan fiction and post daily chapters on  There are certainly many people with time on their hands to do 130,000 word pieces out there.  Surely I could figure out 50K worth of Johnlock.  Main problem there is that I don’t think I have any real ideas for a story.  Tidbits, smut, sure, but no plot that would take that long to resolve.  A twisty mystery plot is more than I could handle.  Though someone did burn down some playground equipment in my hometown this week… that would make for an awesome kidfic for Sherlock and John (Jawn!).  LOL.  I have problems.

This Halloween evening, I spent my last free hours crafting a new journal since my old one has about three pages left.  It’s completely Sherlock.  I swiped a bunch of fan art from online (mostly from mystradedoodles because she’s awesome and brilliant and makes coloring pages I can finish up as I go through my journal) that makes me giggle and went a bit tape-crazy on my traditional composition notebook.  I was super pleased until I placed my cover art in a pattern different than planned and couldn’t pull up my mistake.  It looks alright, but I know that it’s wrong.  Grr.  I still have to paint one thing on it and it’ll be done.  I should go do that before I forget (and I do want to procrastinate just a little bit more!)

So, any votes?  Sherlock, Zombies, or trashy romance?

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One response to “NaNoWriMo Day 1, yet again…

  1. Xenogirl

    November 1, 2012 at 1:38 am

    How about Sherlock, romance, AND zombies?? Good luck! I already started at midnight.


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