NaNoWriMo Day 11

11 Nov

So what did I say about NaNoWriMo last year?  Don’t get behind; catching up sucks.  What did I do this year?  Blew it off until November 5 and then only write anything longhand so that I don’t even have an official word count until Day 10.  Jeez.  Punishment, meet glutton.

To be fair to myself, I’m been having a rather unhappy fall.  Lack of money is getting stressful and I have no one to blame but myself on that one.  To be cruel, I would have felt much better if I would have been writing.  Instead, I’ve been burying myself in as many distractions as possible and trying to stay out of my own head.  Difficult to write, doing that.

However, Day 11, and I finally have an updated word count, even though it’s only 4416, when the schedule would have me at 18,334.  Oh well.  🙂  As I said, I have been working longhand this week, and not everything is typed up.  (Nor is anything I’ve written in much of a chronological order.)  That not everything is typed up makes me feel better.  The 4K+ is not only stuff already written, but it is quite a bit of elaboration on what I had.  Some things were just moments, just a few lines, and I put them into context (or sometimes not).  So I feel much more confident than I did at the beginning of the weekend.

I actually had the weekend off, which was nice.  Supposed to get one weekend off a month, but it doesn’t always quite work out that way (though if I plan vacation right, sometimes I get three.)  I really needed the down time, without having to leave the house, see or speak to anyone, get out of bed early or plan my day around anything else but what I wanted to do.  Glorious.  I didn’t even feel this good on my week off last month.  Of course, I wasn’t up until four or five or six in the morning this weekend, which helps a great deal.

I did, however, sleep in, and in the most luxurious fashion possible.  I awoke, lay in bed dozing and daydreaming of scenes in my NaNoWriMo fic, until it screamed loud enough in my head to entice me to grab a pen and notebook.  Interestingly, I have NOT been writing in the Sherlock notebook I put together on Halloween night.  I’ve been writing in a spiral bound legal notebook I got a few months ago.  Guess that just suited me for some reason.

So, what, precisely, have I been writing?  Yeah, I ended up with the Sherlock fan fic.  At least in that, I did learn my lesson from last year.  Write whatever is strongest in your head.  Sort of a strike while the iron is hot sort of thing.  Sherlock is still strong in my head (read, I’m unhealthily obsessed) and so I went with that.  And since I’m a diehard Johnlocker, of course it is romance, too. 

There have yet to be zombies, but I don’t really have a plot yet.  So, Amy, maybe.  Damn, I actually got a pretty awesome blip in the head right there… something about Frankenstein monsters… that’s sort of a zombie, right? 🙂  It would sort of weirdly fit, too, since I went back in time, pre-Doyle, and have a Regency Sherlock instead.  (Yum, Regency Sherlock with his greatcoat flapping on the moors, like gothic romance only Sherlockier.)  Hmmm, the plot bubbles are colliding and bursting in my little head.  Hmmm.  I’m chortling, so it must be good.  And there will be bees.

As they say, ta!

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