Does anyone else have to do this?

18 Mar

This is the second chapter I’ve had to print out, cut almost line-by-line, and tape back together to get any sort of flow going. I didn’t actually piece it together on the door, but it’s hanging there now and I might leave it for the time being as a sort of trophy. Victory over a stubborn chapter!

For some reason, I think a little bit better visually and I find this helps. Seeing the small amount of words on the computer screen doesn’t always work for me (especially in my blind-person font size). I feel the need to have ALL the pieces visible to find their placement.

It took a couple hours this afternoon to work things through and then another couple for finishing touches after dinner this evening.  I posted the chapter on and AO3 and have been stalking my comments ever since.  I’m all squee about this chapter, but hardly anyone is squeeing with me just yet!  I can’t wait!!! 😛


Chapters so far:  56

Word count so far: 67,798

Posted word count:  63,760  (I have lots of notes and bits of scenes at the end of the ms

Subscribers:  210 (AO3) 126 (

Hits:  12682 (AO3) 42692 (  *probably because you can only view one chapter at a time on and on AO3 you can hit an “entire work” button and have the whole story laid out at once, so you don’t get an additional hit for every single chapter.

Favorite word in a comment:  “pafooie”  (just now, lol)

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