Happy Anniversary! Just kidding, don’t read this depressing damn post.

23 Mar

I was informed as I logged into WordPress today that it is my second anniversary with WordPress!  Which is a bit sad in a ‘time flies’ sort of way.  I don’t feel that I’ve posted that much on here, some 40 odd entries and much of that Sherlock fan fiction chapters.  I have so much more I could post that I don’t.  I suppose I’ve never been all that dedicated to anything at all, at least not on the long term.

I should be working on a book I could actually publish in a get-paid capacity.  I think I have a NaNo project I could really fix up.  I rather tell myself that it will be my April Camp NaNoWriMo project, but I’m lazy and vague about it.  (Of course I am.)  I’ve been lazy and vague about it all since college — I think I lost much of the shiny naïvety that thought I could really publish and be a writer.  It was replaced with a certain amount of so-called “realism” and the need for “marketable” skills.  Some of that is good, and some of that is bad.  I think I hear too much of the bad in my head.

Yeah, frick, sorry, that’s all depressing.  I hope no one read that 🙂  I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve screwed up a lot of things and nothing much good has come to fruition and I’m feeling a little hopeless.  Been burying myself in my Sherlock pieces but that is only a band-aid, a distraction, a way to hide from the shitstorm that is brewing.

Damnit, still whining.  That won’t solve anything.  Figure out a plan!  Go forth with plan!  Solve problems!  🙂  When on earth did something as innocuous as a Happy Anniversary from WordPress become as unwelcome as a post-40 birthday?

PS. Bright side, I did add a chapter onto my Wanderer story on AO3, even though I swore up and down it was going to be a one-shot.  There will likely be more, too.  I also updated my Sherlock and the Huntsman story, and have also been posting it on, after a month of the above crap plus a toothache.  I got through the aphrodisiac chapter on Regency Sherlock (Lazarus Machine, I know, but I still think of it in my head as RS) last weekend, so that was exciting, and I have part of the next chapter written up.  So I have at least been creative and busy.  Yay! :/

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