Gambling!John and Wattpad

18 Apr

Last night upon posting chapter 62 on and AO3, I wrote out a massive author’s note talking about certain details I used in the story (because we all know I research way too much) and also about a story I worked on all day Saturday, much to my own chagrin.  It isn’t as if I need another unfinished work to haunt me!  Lazarus Machine is running over 80,000 words in my file (around 75K posted, finished words) and I’ve been having trouble figuring out precisely how my next Huntsman chapter will work.  I posted a second chapter on Wanderer and have been trying to get the third to coalesce as well.  Not to mention I haven’t done a lick of work on Ethne’s story, which I wanted to have edited by the end of the month, but that just isn’t happening (though I have made a cover for it, so I can post on Wattpad looking semi-professional; I loathe the LazMac cover I put there).

Which brings me to Wattpad.  I started posting Lazarus Machine there, which has received no response as of yet.  That’s fine, it’s still in the early chapters and it’s probably much harder to find on a bigger site, but I do have a few opinions.  First, what is up with the tags?  I hate that you can’t put a phrase as a tag.  “Arranged marriage” becomes a meaningless “marriage” in one part of the list and “arranged somewhere else totally different.  And formatting transfers fine except that the double spaces between paragraphs turn into triples, so I have to go through and fix that before posting.  At any rate, I am just hoping I start getting some views there as well.

Anyway, so this new story I’m working on is called Gambling!John in my head (much in the way Lazarus Machine is called RegencySherlock in my head).  It’s not made much of, but in the original stories, John liked to gamble a little.  As author, Watson wasn’t going to go thoroughly into his own vice, I expect, but it is mentioned as part of the reason he’s looking to flatshare.  So as I was writing RegencySherlock in the early stages, I pondered incorporating this into the story.  I saw John Watson at the Diogenes Club, which had transformed into a gambling hell instead.  I saw Sherlock catching a glimpse of this man, perhaps yet again.  I tried several scenarios in my head, added a bit of a previous glimpse at John at Gentleman Jackson’s Boxing Saloon, just to get John a bit undressed mind you, and wrote a few pages.  Then I let it go because I had nowhere really to go with the story, no plot to speak of, and no real time to focus on it.

Skip to Friday night last week and I mentioned it to a friend somewhat vaguely, and opened my file, surprised I had a good four or seven (can’t recall) pages written.  I read through it and considered the story.  I had several scenes I wanted in the story, and one that I had conjured for Regency Sherlock but just wasn’t going to work as much as I liked it, and suddenly, plot popped up!  I could write it out as a casefic for the plot, the interactions between Sherlock and John would fit in perfectly… and suddenly I was 27 pages in by the end of Saturday.

This reminds me of something about procrastination which I’m not going to look up now, that people who procrastinate generally get something done, even if it’s not what they feel they ought to be doing.  They are not doing it out of laziness, but more out of a sense of prioritizing (whether faulty or not).  That’s how I feel about it as well.  I did not finish chapters on the stories I ought to, but I wrote 20 pages that day and I can be satisfied with that.

And never fear, I finally did make it through Chapter 62 Wednesday night!  I’m still plugging along, even though I rather grimly note that Lazarus Machine is turning into 100K word epic.  (I read a fic or two that are in the 200K range, so I aspire to finish it well before that!)

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