I felt somewhat like blogging, and hope it will help me write more.  I have three finished manuscripts that are generally unreadable, not to mention a few short stories that never quite gelled.  I have finished a few pieces here and there, but really have lacked the dedication to fully complete things.

Working at a bookstore, all I see all day long are books.  That makes me happy.  I would someday like to see my own books on those shelves.  I would totally sign one for you!  However, I need to get my act together.  Not getting any younger.

So if I seem to make fun of a totally ridiculous book, well, I’m just jealous.  And it’s quite likely that i’m totally amazed by the dedication and faith put into such a crazy idea.

This is my author picture:

That’s about right.  🙂


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  1. Naoko Smith

    July 12, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Kelouisa
    I just read Winter Nocturne which I thoroughly enjoyed, I didn’t realise at first that you were also the author of Cowpoke.
    You write very well, in fact that was why I didn’t like Cowpoke, I was disturbed by the young woman in such pain and trapped in that situation and the sadistic man, I found it too convincing.
    I enjoyed Winter Nocturne. I loved the descriptions of going up to the cabin, it was so realistic that I felt like I was on a winter sabbatical in a mountain cabin! and the sexy bits were lovely and hot. However I would’ve probably only given it 3 stars as there was clearly a lot more story there. Back story as well as on-going, I wondered why Annika could only get a month – what does she do the rest of the time, there are hints it’s a lonely life that she might be willing to leave if the chance of a lover – and one with loving parents who might also take her to their hearts, came up. She is described as a hot chick so how come she hasn’t hooked up with anyone yet? I hope there will be more to come!
    Good luck with the writing. I used to work in a little bookshop for a short while a long time ago. I did enjoy it, it had always been one of my ambitions; I thought I would have to wait till I was old and semi-retired so I was thrilled to get to do it much sooner. I loved the soft enclosed feel of the volumes around me and the many different people who used to come in and browse and buy.
    Naoko Smith


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