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I am still Johnlocked

Borrowed the heading from the nickname of a fan fiction writer.  It’s too adorable.  So, in my exhausted-depressed (whiney, annoying, embarassing) post, I mentioned being so obsessed with Sherlock (BBC) that I was spending entire days doing nothing but reading Sherlock fan fiction.  Entire.  Days.  Plural.

It hasn’t seemed to mellow out too much.  And when I say obsession, I mean addiction — twitching, physically, when I have to turn off the fan fiction and go to work, for example.  It’s sad.  Horribly, horribly sad.  🙂  I haven’t WRITTEN any fan fiction (yet), (at least not for Sherlock), so that’s a plus.  That’s not to say I don’t have an idea for one.  (It would be an awesome mashup of Big Bang Theory and Sherlock, with Sheldon playing Sherlock Holmes, Leonard being Watson, Howard being Lestrade, and Penny being Mrs. Hudson.  I can totally see her saying “Sweetie, I’m your neighbor, not your housekeeper,”  I haven’t quite figured out what Raj (poor abandoned Raj!) would be doing, but either Wil Wheaton or Brent Spiner could come in as Moriarty!  Please, please, Chuck Lorre, squeeze this messed up idea into Sheldon’s dream or something!  Please!  Or at least someone else write this so I don’t.)


Since there won’t be any new Sherlock episodes for about a year, I was hoping this drooling need would ease up.  I was also hoping that the new show Elementary would be good food for my craving.  I will have to admit to some bias here — I freaking adore Jonny Lee Miller.  I lusted after him as Sickboy when my best friend with a Ewan McGregor problem was making me watch Trainspotting (ugh, baby on the ceiling, baby on the ceiling!).  I’ve seen Hackers too many times.  I get all weak when he flicks his eyes suggestively in Plunkett and MacLean.=, (yes, I’ve watched this movie for just that eye flicker.  I want to right now.)  And since I’ve always been into Jane Austen movies, there are his utterly sweet roles in Mansfield Park and the BBC’s Emma.  Mmm, mmm, mmm, Regency JLM.  I was very excited when he was the psycho on Dexter a couple seasons ago (jumping up and down and clapping my hands in glee, saying, “Dexter’s going to kill Jonny Lee Miller!’ with a massive amount of squee.)  I could go on with another dozen examples.  (omg, when he was the Toy Boy on Keeping Up Appearances!  Lust!)  But I’ll shut up now.

So I’m obviously biased in favor of this show.  There would be nothing I could possibly think of to make me not watch every episode twice.  At least.  That being said, Elementary does nothing to satisfy my Sherlock (BBC) craving.  And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of the show.  The two shows, the two Sherlocks, the two Watsons, are just so entirely different.  The feeling is totally different.  Elementary doesn’t make me say “the director and the DP are so freaking brilliant, it hurts” like Sherlock does.  Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch play two entirely different modern-day Sherlocks.  And John vs. Joan Watson.  Well.  I adore Lucy Liu.  I’ve never been much for gender swap fan fiction.  (Gah, fem!John and fem!Sherlock always get a pass from me… now BAMF!John makes me drool.)  Verdict: willing to give it a go.

JLM Sherlock is a much more earthy, (um, hello prostitute), maybe even more realistic character.  Partly because JLM is not tall, thin, lanky, pale or costumed up in utterly gorgeous suits.  He is not fastidious about his appearace, given that he once sniffs a shirt to see whether it is clean enough to wear.  JLM Sherlock is much more visibly someone recently out of rehab for a drug problem, a Sherlock who cares much less about appearances and more about his own interests.  I also thought it was funny that he complained about how his father lets him live in the crappiest brownstone, while his beehives on the roof are leaking honey down into the lower hallways.  Tsk.  You are not responsible or mindful enough to take care of better things, JLM Sherlock.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, however, comes across as a bit more pampered and spoiled, with fine clothes (even quite fabulous pajamas) and has a much more wealthy, upper crust sort of look to him.  Perhaps as an American viewer, this seems somehow much more British than JLM Sherlock.  BC’s Sherlock is a bit more mad, a bit more in his own head, a bit more scientific.  Also, BC Sherlock is written to sometimes speak nearly as fast as he thinks, rushing off on long, rushing, vastly impressive speeches.  Impressive, yes, that’s the word.  BC is just so much more impressive.  BC Sherlock, to me, just utterly embodies Sherlock Holmes.  Visually, I couldn’t ask for any more perfection.  And BC and Martin Freeman as Watson just click together.  (Which, along with some of the writer’s little jokes, fuel the flames of Johnlock fan fiction.)

The most awesome pic I’ve seen this year.

Damn, does that pic make me lose all train of thought.  I have to stop snortlaughing.  Thanks to my friend Sheena for sending that along.

So while my obsession still lies with Sherlock (BBC), and all the squee that show engenders in me, I do quite like certain aspects of the show Elementary.  While there are many elements I love much more in the BBC Sherlock, I can admit that they are vastly different shows and I need to give Elementary the chance to develop everything past the first hour.

Things I’m looking forward to in Elementary?

  1. Joan deduces that Sherlock left London because of a woman.  THE Woman?  Hmm..
  2. Sherlock’s dad.  Curious change to the canon details.
  3. A little more action than Sherlock’s temper tantrum with the car
  4. A little more grief from the cops about his involvement.  Gregson is eager to work with him, given their history, but the other cops should piss and moan more.  BC Sherlock is much more snide and shitty to Anderson and about the cops in general, and that’s a lot of fun.  Sherlock isn’t really supposed to be liked.
  5. JLM Sherlock’s unpredictable and unstable behavior.  Keep him busy surprising us.
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